Attention Real Estate Agents.

There is considerable competition and pitfalls in running your own business the way
that you want.

While there are lots of options that you can explore and hear the same thing
different ways, we are offering the same thing with the ability to build your
business your way. 

While our competitors have grown to have many agents, they have lost the feel of the partnership and one on one attention that makes you successful. What is different is the entrepreneurial atmosphere that offers the one on one partner necessary for success.

If you are successful and want to save on what you pay your real estate company or
want to improve the results you obtained, we are an option for you.

Our fee is $200 a month and you get 100% of your commission. 

We know that price isn’t an indication of results, but this will give you
the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our partnership.

This is an offer that looks like others except in the respect of services offered is 
the one on one personal attention when needed, that we offer is second to none.



Members of:


  • CTAR- Charleston Trident MLS, Charleston SC
  • CMLS- Consolidated MLS, Columbia SC


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One on One Mentoring Offered




When results matter


We are amazing

1810 B Trolley Road
Summerville, SC, 29485
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